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This is a section that should enable to present the roadmap of this framework project.

In order to better make up your mind on whether this is worth to use this framework, you will find here kind of a roadmap of the project. This is of course not exhaustive but this gives an idea of what the frawework tends to become.

Main lines

Here is a list of all the features that should be worth investigatin on.


This is already done, and there is now a slot for XRN under SourceForge . However, I did not find time yet to import the site and the source code. This is the next thing I need to do! Without that, the project will not grow.

My idea is to make people contribute to that development, on various axis described in the following paragraphs.


A front-end GUI editing that enables to fulfil the release notes in another way that writing plain XML.


Integration with most of VCS systems, so as to take benefit in the release notes of all the commit/checkin information that lies there and that is not used most of the time.

Bug collector

Deeper integration with bug-collectors systems, so that there is a direct link between the release notes and the bugs it has addressed.

Needs expression

Integration with tools that enable to express the need, so as to provide a consistent view of the evolution of a component.


Smarter HTML rendering, plain text rendering.


Better integration of the rendering within other systems, like Plone , for instance...

There are so many things to do, that I think I will not be able to face so many development, and I think this is a kind of framework that can easily be enhanced by different people.

Through the release notes

I could not resist to provide the roadmap via the forthcoming versions, and you will in the features that I intend to address on the XRN roadmap tab page.