Shows what has been performed on XRN from the very beginning

start date: 2004.10.30
build date: 2004.11.10
builder: EMercier
This is a dirty release (not much detailed and missing source code documentation). Added the concept of tags and added the multiple page plugin feature.

Contributor and asking person
Fixed the remaining bug due to the XML name change.
This used to prevent the multiple contributors and asking persons from appearing in the generated feature HTML pages.
detail: tech fix
The 'Actors.xsd' schema has been normalized and you can now use it in order to define all actors involved in the process.
Either you use the 'Actors' top-child XML element of 'ReleaseNotes', or you use the 'XRNActors' plugin model XSL in order to provide one.
The actors file should comply to the 'XRNActors.xsd' schema present in the package.
For every actor, when this plugin is used, you can directly write to him by clicking the hyperlink (via a 'mailto' HTML tag).
detail: func business
XSLT implementation
Provided the ability for the user to define the XSLT implementation to be used.
This is possible via the task attribute 'processor', which should be set to the class fully qualified name that implements the 'javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory' interface.
detail: tech enhance
Ant 'deploy'
The feature was bugged (the 'deploy' Ant XRN task parameter) because the 'XMLActors.xsd' extraction was incorrect.
detail: tech fix
Ant: added the 'deploy' parameter that enables to deploy the framework resources from the jar library, so as to be able to use the XSD, the CSS...
detail: tech
Added an Ant-task Java library that enables XMLReleaseNotes HTML transformation seamless integration to Ant.
detail: tech
asking: EMercier
contributor: EMercier
Multiple asking persons and contributors
When the inner 'Contributors' and 'AskingPersons' XML element (in the 'Feature' XML element) were used, only the first actor was output in the HTML page.
detail: tech bug-fixing fix
Totally re-engineered the CSS, so that there are now only class selectors.
Began to annotate the selectors, so as to easier the customization.
detail: tech enhance
Printer friendly
The printer-friendly 'XMLReleaseNotesPrint.css' stylesheet has been significantly improved.
The default CSS has also been changed, in order to easier the customization.
detail: tech enhance
Printer friendly
CSS: work begun on a CSS that makes the printing friendly via the 'XMLReleaseNotesPrint.css' stylesheet.
The structure has changed a lot.
Still under beat and this probably massively the default CSS structure.
detail: tech enhance
Feature visibility
XSL: added CSS selector classes named 'featureVisibilityN' in order to give control to a feature visibility, where N ranges from 1 to 4.
detail: tech
CSS inlined
Ant: it is now possible to inline the CSS content within the generated HTML, so as to be make some HTML stand-alone. This is possible via the 'inlineCSS' parameter.
detail: tech
Ant: removed the default 'stylsheet.css' file into a directory named 'XMLReleaseNotes' into the jar library, so as to possible avoid conflicts with the rest of the classpath.
detail: tech
The 'cumulative' attribute of the Ant XRN task has been made obsolete.
The ''VersionAndTypeFilterModel' model XSLT plugin should be used instead.
detail: tech bug-fixing fix
Now, provides an additional XSLT model that enables to generate a release notes between two versions, in a cumulative way.
Ant: the 'cumulative' attribute has been added in order to ask for a cumulative release notes.
detail: func enhance
Composition, dependencies and requirements
XSL and Ant: added the 'composition', 'dependency' and 'requirement' parameters that enables to control whether those kind of information should be output or not.
detail: func enhance
New dependency, composition, requirement
XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl: fixed the problem of the '[from M.m.µ]' display when [new] also appears (dependencies, requirements, composition).
detail: tech bug-fixing
Fixed a bug that used to make the generated XML not compliant with the framework.
detail: tech fix
The new 'DependencyModel.xsl' new plugin enables to inline the release notes dependency-components of a component.
When a component has a new dependency (expressed via the 'Release/Dependencies/Component' XML element), this plugin inlines the depending-component by looking at its XRN release notes found via the corresponding 'ReleaseNotes/Components/Component/@xml' attribute.
This is the reason why it is important to express the XRN release notes of all depending components.
detail: func enhance
Download page
It is now possible to generate a single download page that enabes to overview all the deliveries, while removing the feature details.
This is possible via the Ant 'downloadPage' new feature.
detail: func enhance
Parent feature
The 'Feature/@parentID' attribute has been added.
This enables to indicate that a feature belongs to a parent-feature, and thus provide a hierachy among the features.
Still beta and should be considered as a try...
detail: func business
Feature title
The 'Feature/Abstract' XML element has been renamed 'Title' because this is more adapted.
detail: tech fix
Feature with no ID hyperlink
On the 'Feature' HTML page, add an hyperlink to the release where the anonymous feature has been defined.
detail: func bug-fixing fix
Improvement of the Feature ID
A better HTML rendering of the feature inheritance and its identifier is now performed.
detail: tech
Reuse of the Feature ID
Pay more attention to the 'ID' of a 'Feature' element and refer to it if already defined in the past. Now hyperlinks are displayed for already defined features.
detail: tech
Features HTML page
Provide an HTML page that gathers all features.
This is still beta and will be improved...
detail: func enhance
contributor: EMercier
Feature inheritance and layout
The layout of the feature has been enhanced.
Multiple features with the same 'ID' are now gathered.
detail: func enhance
The version (via the 'firstVersion' and 'lastVersion' attributes), feature type (via the 'type' attribute) and importance (via the 'importanceThreshold') filtering has been removed from the Ant XRN task.
Those filters are now performed by the ''VersionAndTypeFilterModel' plugin-model XSLT, in order to make the XSLT code easier.
detail: tech enhance
Release 'freshness' indicator
On each HTML release, the "freshness" of the release is now indicated by a color at the right of the version name.
detail: func enhance
Features sum-up
The features hierarchy is now emphasized on the features summary page, by nesting the feature content with a parent within its parent.
detail: func enhance
Obsolete XRN file
The warning output when a XRN file is obsolete now states the ID of the component.
detail: tech enhance
HTML feature detail rendering
Changed the way the feature details (type, why, bug-fixing, category) are layout, so that it is easier to make a printer-friendly CSS.
The 'category' attribute is now being diplayed.
detail: tech enhance
HTML rendering
The version and delivery column have disappeared and have been integrated to each release, respectively at the top and at the bottom.
detail: tech enhance
HTML content
Enable a better way to express that some HTML tags may be used within the XML release notes, as far as textual content is concerned: the 'contentType' attribute has been added to nearly all textual possible places. When set to 'html', you can use HTML tags. This is now possible but do not abuse it because you have to think that those release notes may be output in other formats than HTML!...
detail: tech
Importance default level
The importance default value is now considered to be set to 3, so that it makes sense: it was set to 4, so that all features are equaly very important by default.
The level 5 has been added, so as to make 3 in the middle of the range.
detail: tech enhance
Feature importance
Fixed the feature importance bug that was actually not taken into account during the XSLT.
detail: tech bug-fixing fix
Visibility and Importance
Ant and XSLT: fixed the bug due to the fact that the 'visibility' feature has been changed.
Ant: the 'visibilityThreshold' parameter has been replaced by the 'importanceThreshold' parameter.
detail: func fix
Visibility and Importance
The concept of importance was definitively badly expressed though the 'visibility' concept: this has been replaced by the 'importance' concept.
XSD: the attribute 'visibility' has been replaced by 'importance'.
Use the new migration feature in order to upgrade your XRN XML release notes files.
detail: func business
Ant task mail re-engineering
It was definitively a bad idea to inline the mail task at the same XML hierarchy level as the XRN task's. The mail task is now an inner XML element, and the 'mail' parameter is discarded.
You can now provide a specific subject to the sent-mail via the 'subject' parameter of the inner 'mail' XML element.
detail: tech bug-fixing enhance
Ant: added the opportunity to mail the release notes directly from the task, since the task derives from the official Ant 'Mail' task.
detail: tech
Now provides an XSLT model for integrating the maven POM.
This is possible via the 'MavenModel' model XSLT plugin: the POM short description is just taken and integrated into the release notes.
detail: func enhance
Implicit migration
Added the 'implicitlyMigrate' parameter to the Ant task, so that it is possible to migrate the provided XRN files if necessary, without migrating the original.
No, when the Ant 'migrate' parameter is used, only the migration is performed.
detail: func enhance
contributor: EMercier
Implicit migration
An implicit migration before the rendering is performed on the release notes when required, without overwritting the file (done in memory only).
detail: tech enhance
BuildingBlock and Item
XSD: turned the 'BuildingBlock' XML element into 'Item' because this is simpler and more apropriate.
A migration XSLT has been provided in order to migrate existing XRN XML release notes.
detail: func enhance
XRN migration
Ant: added the 'migrate' parameter that enables to automatically migrate the version of the XML release notes file up to the version of the XRN wrapped in the Ant jar.
Since the XSLT are also present in the zip, you can perform the migration via pure XSLT.
detail: tech enhance
Added a version attribute that enables to track the version of the framework used. This may be very useful as far as migration and converstions are concerned.
XSD: added the 'version' attribute indicates the version of the XMLReleaseNotes framework it complies to.
XSL: outputs this version in the bottom banner and outputs a warning if the XML release notes and the XSD are not the same version.
detail: tech
Multiple components
Added the opportunity to generate the release notes for more than one component at the same time.
The Ant task now supports the 'fileset' inner XML element.
Some navigation pages are now being generated when the feature is enabled.
The javadoc-like selectors have been added to the CSS.
Multiple HTML pages are being produced, a little bit like javadoc does, so as to split the different release (present the generated HTML generated by the XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl a bit like javadoc format, so as to output a single HTML page for each release).
detail: tech enhance
HTML rendering
It is now possible to output the release notes in multiple HTML pages, one per version.
The status is still very beta, but it can already be used.
detail: func enhance
Open source
The project is now proposed as open-source, so that people can contribute.
detail: tech business
XSLT model plugin
It is now possible to use the model XSLT present in the jar via the Ant 'plugin' attribute that can be used on the 'model' XML inner element.
Refer to it as you would via the 'xsl' attribute, but omit the '.xsl' extension.
detail: tech
Plugin layout
Added the opportunity to extend the multiple page layout via some plugins.
This is possible via the 'pluginLayout' Ant task inner XML element.
detail: func enhance
Section filter XSLT model
This new XSLT model 'SectionFilterModel' enables to filter the sections to keep when generating the release notes.
It enables to filter the 'Summary', 'Composition', 'Dependencies', 'Requirements' and 'Deliveries' XML 'Release'-child elements individually.
Usefull, for instance, when you want to generate an HTML download page.
detail: tech technical
Added a new optional 'Tags' elements as a child element of the 'Feature' XML element.
This makes the framework more extensible because XSLT model plugin can take benefit of this extra information.
This new tag should also be deployed at other levels, like the 'Release', 'Component', for instance.
detail: func enhance
Title, header, footer
You can now provide a title, a header and a footer for the multi-components into HTML.
This is possible in the Ant task through the inner 'title', 'header' and 'footer' XML elements.
detail: func enhance
XMLCatalog bug with Ant V1.6+
The Ant API has changed between Ant V1.5 and Ant V1.6: there was a runtime bug because of that. This is now fixed via introspection.
detail: tech fix
URI resolver and parameters
Ant: added the opportunity to use URI resolvers in the XSLT provided by the user via the inner 'xmlcatalog' XML element within the 'model' and 'layout' elements. This is the native Ant XMLCatalog element.
Ant: added the possibility to provide XSLT parameters in the task via the inner 'param' element within the 'model' and 'layout' elements. This is a copy of the built-in 'XSLT' task Ant feature.
detail: tech
Prepared the XSL so that icons may be included in the generated HTML page, so as to enhance the layout.
detail: tech enhance
It is now possible to check that the structure of the data entered in the XRN release notes XSML file are compliant with the framework.
It is now posible to check the XRN release notes XML file against its XSD schema (present in the jar).
This can be achieved via the Ant task by using the 'checkValidity' top parameter.
Now, an additional feature would be to acutally analyze the XRN release notes file in order to check more deeply that the information is coherent.
detail: func enhance
Added the concept of visibility for each item, so that it is possible to filter when rendering into HTML, for instance. It is adviced to use a value that ranges from 0 to 4, 4 meaning that the item is the most visible. This is now possible through the 'visibilityThreshold' XSLT parameter.
detail: func
CVSModel XSLT model plugin
Fixed the deprecated 'Feature/Abstract' XML element use (which is now 'Feature/Title').
detail: tech fix
VSC XSLT-model
Fixed this plugin XSLT that was bugged due to the renaming of the 'BuildingBlock' element as 'Item'.
detail: tech bug-fixing fix
Versioning Control System
Enables a deeper integration with the VCS systems, so that it is possible to track down the source changes.
This enables to produce more accurate and exhaustive release notes, dedicated to the support of the component.
This opens the framework to the versioning system and enhance this information, that is too often restricted to developers, when they take the time to make views...
This is now possible for CVS via the 'plugin/CVSModel.xsl' XSLT model file: beta for the moment, because it lacks integration...
detail: func
Feature new type
Added the 'vsc' feature type so as to render this feature a different way via the XSLT: not yet taken into account.
detail: func enhance
The 'why' feature attribute
Added the 'why' attribute to the 'Feature' XML element, in order to better understand the reason for the feature. This enables to better understand the evolution of the component.
This enables to open the framework to existing solutions that deal with the needs collecting.
This attribute is not yet taken into account...
detail: func business
XSD change
The inner 'Contributors' and 'AskingPersons' XML element now contain 'Actor' XML elements so as to simplify the XSD.
The 'Abstract' element has been renamed as 'Title'.
detail: tech enhance
Component summary
A top-child XML element 'Summary' has been added so as to provide a way to briefly describe what the component is about.
detail: func enhance
Components release notes
Added an optional 'Components' top-child element, in order to be able to access the components (present via the dependencies, composition and requirements features) that already have an XRN XML release notes defined.
This enable release notes cross references.
This makes the framework more worth, and this becomes interesting.
XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl: the XML to HTML renderer takes benefit of this feature by providing additional hyperlinks on the components references.
Now, an additional feature would be to inline those additional release notes into the generated HTML.
detail: func enhance
A 'category' attribute has been added the 'Feature' XML element, so as to provide a free additional indicator, that can be handled later on by the XSLT.
detail: func enhance
XSLT piping
The way the XSL transformations are applied is now more open: additional pre and post treatement is now easier.
detail: tech enhance
Last version
When the 'lastVersion' parameter did not match to anything in the release notes, no HTML was output: this is now fixed.
detail: tech bug-fixing fix
Additional XSLT
Ant: added the possibility to use additional XSLT in order to open the framework via the 'model' and 'layout' inner elements.
detail: func
Actors XSD and migration
Added the 'XRNActors.xsd' schema in order to know how to fulfill the actors XML file.
Fixed the 0.13.0 to 0.14.0 migration stylesheet.
detail: tech fix
Release build date
The release build date has been added to the summary page when the multi-component feature is being used.
detail: func enhance
Bottom banner visibility
The bottom banner for XRN promotion was still visible on the generated HTML pages (with multi-components enabled), even when the 'banner' Ant attribute was set to 'no'.
detail: tech bug-fixing fix
Feature 'ID' attribute
Made this 'Feature/@ID' attribute a string, so that mnemonics may be used.
detail: func
Provided the opportunity to define an abstract for each feature, through an 'Abstract' element within the 'Features/Feature' XML element: this enables to name the feature shortly.
detail: func
Fixed the bug of the delivery download hyperlink that was wrong.
detail: tech bug-fixing
XSL: enable to remove the default banner at the bottom via a 'banner' parameter. Don' disable it, otherwise the tool won't be known and there will be little support and enhancements.
detail: tech
Fixed the release which missed the release notes! How possible is it?
detail: tech bug-fixing
XSL: turned the 'standAloneHTML' parameter default value to 'false'.
detail: tech
Fixed the bug concerning the 'Requirements', 'Dependencies' and 'Composition' display, which were not always present as required.
detail: tech bug-fixing
Made the 'Release/@deliveryDate' optional, because you can build releases without never spreading them!
detail: func
XSD: the schema now belongs to the '' target namespace, which should be refered as 'xrn'.
detail: tech
Replaced the term 'item' by 'feature' because it is more appropriate.
Added the 'BuildingBlock' within the 'Feature' element, in order not mix the complex element with text.
detail: tech
Added the opportunity to define a release builder via the 'builderID' attribute on the 'Release' element.
detail: func
XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl: added the 'delivery' parameter that enables not to output de "Delivery" column, which enables to download the artefacts.
detail: func
Added an an about page on the web-site.
detail: func
The releases sorting is better thought. The need of a documentation is now needed.
detail: func
Now, enables to tell whether the dependencies and requirements should be inherited from the previous versions. How does it work? For each 'Release' XML element...
detail: func
XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl: added the possibility to filter the type of items to be documented through the 'typeFilter' parameter. This enable to remove for instance the technical information into a functional release notes dedicated to end-users.
detail: func
XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl: you can now define the lower and upper limits of the versions for which the HTML is generated.
detail: func
Added the opportuniy to add a 'ReleaseNotes' 'Deliveries' XML element direct child that can specify the common HTTP URL (via the 'href' attribute) where the deliveries are gathered.
detail: func
The architecture and files of the projets are now OK; the resources are under CVS and all the delivery engine should work, through an Ant buildfile.
detail: tech

XMLReleaseNotes-0.17.0.zipNumerous XSLT files added corresponding to the new plugin layout feature.
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