XMLReleaseNotes 0.4.0
build date: 2004.04.12
delivery date: 2004.04.12

Ant: added the 'deploy' parameter that enables to deploy the framework resources from the jar library, so as to be able to use the XSD, the CSS...
detail: tech
Ant: removed the default 'stylsheet.css' file into a directory named 'XMLReleaseNotes' into the jar library, so as to possible avoid conflicts with the rest of the classpath.
detail: tech
XSL: turned the 'standAloneHTML' parameter default value to 'false'.
detail: tech
Fixed the bug concerning the 'Requirements', 'Dependencies' and 'Composition' display, which were not always present as required.
detail: tech bug-fixing
Made the 'Release/@deliveryDate' optional, because you can build releases without never spreading them!
detail: func
XSD: the schema now belongs to the 'http://xmlreleasenotes.free.fr' target namespace, which should be refered as 'xrn'.
detail: tech

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