XMLReleaseNotes 0.5.1
build date: 2004.04.15
delivery date: 2004.04.15

Reuse of the Feature ID
Pay more attention to the 'ID' of a 'Feature' element and refer to it if already defined in the past. Now hyperlinks are displayed for already defined features.
detail: tech
HTML content
Enable a better way to express that some HTML tags may be used within the XML release notes, as far as textual content is concerned: the 'contentType' attribute has been added to nearly all textual possible places. When set to 'html', you can use HTML tags. This is now possible but do not abuse it because you have to think that those release notes may be output in other formats than HTML!...
detail: tech
URI resolver and parameters
Ant: added the opportunity to use URI resolvers in the XSLT provided by the user via the inner 'xmlcatalog' XML element within the 'model' and 'layout' elements. This is the native Ant XMLCatalog element.
Ant: added the possibility to provide XSLT parameters in the task via the inner 'param' element within the 'model' and 'layout' elements. This is a copy of the built-in 'XSLT' task Ant feature.
detail: tech
Feature 'ID' attribute
Made this 'Feature/@ID' attribute a string, so that mnemonics may be used.
detail: func

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