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Welcome to the home page of the XMLReleaseNotes project.


The XMLReleaseNotes framework and project is abreviated as XRN. This reliefs much from the pain of writting each time "XML Release Notes"!

Under SourceForge

If you are a potential contributor, you should know that the project sources are now hosted under SourceForge.

How to get started

There are several approaches:

  • you came here by chance: in that case, you'd better read the Why, what, how? section first, and then come to the XRN Guide;
  • you've heard of that framework, you already know roughly what it is about, and want to evaluate it: then go directly to the XRN Guide;
  • you know exactly what XRN is about, since you are already using it, and in this case, you want to know if there is some new release. In that case, go to the release notes section.


Like any framework, it needs the remarks, suggestions of the end-user in order to be constantly enhanced. Please, feel free to log all that under the SourceForge forum dedicated to the project.