Uses of Class

Packages that use XRNMainWindow

Uses of XRNMainWindow in org.xrn.gui

Methods in org.xrn.gui that return XRNMainWindow
 XRNMainWindow HelpWindow.getDBToolF()
 XRNMainWindow ReleaseNotesWindow.getMainWindow()
          Return the main window

Constructors in org.xrn.gui with parameters of type XRNMainWindow
XRNMenuBar(XRNMainWindow dbToolF)
ReleaseNotesMenu(XRNMainWindow spsToolF)
HelpWindow(XRNMainWindow mainWindow, java.lang.String helptopic)
ReleaseNotesWindow(XRNMainWindow mainWindow, int mode, choosenFile)
          Constructor - The window for the working area
HelpMenu(XRNMainWindow mainWindow)
XRNMenu(XRNMainWindow mainWindow)
          Constructor - The main menu

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