Changelog Report

Timeframe: 30 days, Total Commits: 88 Total Number of Files Changed: 145

2005-01-08 19:19:07Edouard Mercier

build-XRNCommon.xml v 1.20

Removed the Ant 'CHECKED_OUT_DIRECTORY_PATH' property that has nothing to be done here. The property is now present under the 'build-XRNRelease.xml' Ant buildfile.
2005-01-04 20:18:48Edouard Mercier

build-XRNRelease.xml v 1.5

Now, runs the unitary test campaign during the release process.
2005-01-04 20:17:01Edouard Mercier

build-XRNWebSite.xml v 1.8

The WedSitor generation now first copy and replace the XML sources before rendering.
2005-01-04 20:15:44Edouard Mercier

source/test/build-XRNUnitTest.xml v 1.3

Just added a line separator in order to make the result log look better.
2005-01-04 20:14:49Edouard Mercier

build-XRNCommon.xml v 1.19

Now, includes the 'build-XRNTest.xml' ant its proxied buildfiles to the AntDoc generation.
2005-01-04 20:13:06Edouard Mercier

setup/ReleaseNotes.xml v 1.39

Updated for the V0.18.1.
2005-01-04 20:12:26Edouard Mercier

setup/XRN-XRNWebSite.xml v 1.4

Updated for the V1.0.
2005-01-04 20:02:54Edouard Mercier

website/UnitTest.xml v 1.1

The page that shows the result of the unitary test campaign.
2005-01-04 20:02:28Edouard Mercier

website/Portal.xml v 1.21

Added the 'UnitTest' page.
2005-01-04 19:31:55Edouard Mercier

source/test/build-XRNUnitTest.xml v 1.2

Just added an output log that sumps up the unitary test status.
2005-01-04 19:25:04Edouard Mercier

build-XRNTest.xml v 1.1

This is just a proxy for the 'source\\test\\build-XRNUnitTest.xml' buildfile. It has been added so that the buildfile access is homogeneous. Moreover, the unitary tests are thus available from any buildfile.
2005-01-03 20:44:42Edouard Mercier

build-XRNGuide.xml v 1.5

Modified the classpath of the 'antdoc2' task call.
2005-01-03 20:41:33Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.19

More documentation has been added about the 'URIResolverPath' and 'XSLTPath' XML inner elements.
2005-01-03 19:12:37Edouard Mercier

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl v 1.40

Removed the 'No delivery' section when no delivery is available for a version.
2005-01-02 18:43:49Edouard Mercier

libs/log4j-1.2.8.jar v 1.2

The log4j jar was duplicated.
2005-01-02 18:43:03Edouard Mercier

libs/XMLReleaseNotes.jar v 1.2

libs/saxon.jar v 1.2

Removed useless jar files.
2005-01-02 18:41:22Edouard Mercier

libs/saxon/saxon.jar v 1.2

Removed the jar file that used not to hold any version.
2005-01-02 15:22:08Edouard Mercier

source/maven-plugin/plugin.jelly v 1.7

The 'xmlreleasenotes' should now perfectly work with the underlying Maven Ant V1.5.3-1 runtime.
2005-01-02 15:21:07Edouard Mercier

source/maven-plugin/project.xml v 1.6

Prepared for the V0.18.1.
2005-01-02 15:20:12Edouard Mercier

build-XRNExample.xml v 1.9

Now, uses the 'XSLTPath' inner XRN element, so as to indicate where the XSLT implementation resides.
2005-01-02 15:18:35Edouard Mercier

build-XRNCommon.xml v 1.18

Removed the XSLT implementation from the XRN task definition, because this is useless at this stage.
2005-01-02 15:13:02Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.18

The task has been fixed so as to work under V1.5.
2005-01-02 15:13:34Edouard Mercier

source/test/build-XRNUnitTest.xml v 1.1

A unitary-test buildfile.
2004-12-31 16:59:52Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.17

Fixed the 'AntClassLoader' creation under Ant V1.5.
2004-12-31 15:54:35Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.16

Added the 'XSLPath' inner XML element that enables to indicate where the XSLT factory implementation lies.
2004-12-30 10:22:05Carsten Magen

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.4

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.6

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.6

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.4

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.5

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.5

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.6

ListSelection changed
2004-12-28 22:21:48Edouard Mercier

libs/xalan/xalan-2.5.1.jar v 1.2

The previous was corrupted.
2004-12-28 22:02:30Edouard Mercier

build-XRNExample.xml v 1.8

Now, uses the new 'URIResolverPath' feature.
2004-12-28 22:01:34Edouard Mercier

build-XRNDevelop.xml v 1.13

Split the 'hotDeployAntTask' into two targets, in order not to deploy under Ant and Maven at the same time every time.
2004-12-28 21:58:07Edouard Mercier

source/maven-plugin/plugin.jelly v 1.6

Uses the new 'URIResolverPath' of the Ant task, in order to fix the runtime problem.
2004-12-28 21:35:59Edouard Mercier

build-XRNCommon.xml v 1.17

The AntDoc generation now launches the browser in an independant session.
2004-12-28 21:32:12Edouard Mercier

libs/saxon/saxon6.2.2.jar v 1.2

Removed the badly named Saxon V6.2.2 jar file.
2004-12-28 21:30:29Edouard Mercier

libs/saxon/saxon-6.2.2.jar v 1.1

The previous CVS import of this library presented a wrong name.
2004-12-28 21:28:03Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.15

Added the managment of the path for the URI resolvers, needed when the Ant task is loaded from a location different from Ant 'lib' directory.
2004-12-28 21:05:04Edouard Mercier

build-XRNDevelop.xml v 1.12

Now, also compiles the Java 'org.xrn.core' package. Made the single jar classpath references simplier. The Ant XRN task is now compiled under JDK V1.4 but the target JRE platform is now customizable via the 'JRE_TARGET' Ant property. The 'gui.generateXSD2JAVA' target has been renamed 'buildXS2JAVAJar. The 'buildAntTask' target now depends on 'buildXS2JAVAJar'. Added the 'xml-api.jar' to the compilation of the XSD2Java classes (only necessary under JDK V1.3). The target platform of the compilation is also customizable. Renamed the jar that contains the XSD2Java bytecode.
2004-12-28 20:58:22Edouard Mercier

libs/saxon/saxon6.2.2.jar v 1.1

The Saxon V6.2.2 implementation.
2004-12-28 20:58:44Edouard Mercier

build-XRNCommon.xml v 1.16

Introduced the concept of JRE target platform. Fixed the 'AntDoc' task definition classpath. Modified the XRN task definition and made it depend on 'initJava'.
2004-12-28 20:48:06Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.14

Fixed the problem with Xerces due to the wrong way of creating the namespaced-node. Introduced the notion of XRN Java plug-in.
2004-12-21 22:11:10Edouard Mercier

build-XRNExample.xml v 1.7

The XSLT implementation to use is now customizable. Also handles the Ant XRN 'debug' attribute. Both parameters can be set from the command-line via the '-D' option.
2004-12-21 22:08:22Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/core/ v 1.1

source/java/org/xrn/core/package.html v 1.1

A new package that will hold the XRN core packages.
2004-12-21 21:03:14Edouard Mercier

build/ant.bat v 1.2

build/build.xml v 1.2

build/build_common.xml v 1.2

build/build_gui.xml v 1.3

build/build_javadoc.xml v 1.2

Not necessary anymore.
2004-12-21 19:15:27Edouard Mercier

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes.xsd v 1.27

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTMLMultiple.xsl v 1.22

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.13

The 'xrn:MultiReleaseNotes' XML element has been introduced. It is now supported.
2004-12-18 18:37:17Nicolas Chalumeau

doc/aptdocs/doc_starting.apt v 1.2

doc/aptdocs/download.apt v 1.1

doc/aptdocs/guide-file.apt v 1.1

doc/aptdocs/guide-gettingStarted.apt v 1.1

doc/xdocs/navigation.xml v 1.3

add more doc for the maven site
2004-12-18 15:49:28Carsten Magen

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.5

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.5

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.4

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.5

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.3

Layout changed
2004-12-18 15:36:42Carsten Magen

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.3

Title field
2004-12-18 15:02:37Carsten Magen

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.2

Why -> Reason
2004-12-17 18:33:35Nicolas Chalumeau

xrn_checks.xml v 1.3

this file was move to source/etc
2004-12-17 18:07:04Nicolas Chalumeau v 1.11

ftp deploy properties for the test This was not tested as I don't have the param to do it
2004-12-16 21:19:22Edouard Mercier

setup/ReleaseNotes.xml v 1.38

Prepared for the upcoming 0.18.1 version of XRN.
2004-12-16 21:16:31Edouard Mercier

build-XRNExample.xml v 1.6

Added the 'testPluginLayout' target that demonstrates the usage of the plug-in layout Ant XRN feature.
2004-12-16 21:15:40Edouard Mercier

build-XRNCommon.xml v 1.15

Prepared for the upcoming 0.18.1 version of XRN.
2004-12-16 21:14:38Edouard Mercier

source/plugin/XRN2HTMLActors.xsl v 1.1

This plug-in layout is supposed to display valuable information anout the actors involved in the component development (not just developers, but also asking persons).
2004-12-16 21:06:59Edouard Mercier

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTMLMultiple.xsl v 1.21

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTMLPlugin.xsl v 1.6

Added the pluginLayout facility at the level of the summary.
2004-12-16 20:38:06Edouard Mercier

source/plugin/SectionFilterModel.xsl v 1.3

Added the 'Features' filter.
2004-12-16 20:36:21Edouard Mercier

source/plugin/SectionFilterModel.xsl v 1.2

Fixed the plug-in that removed the features in any case.
2004-12-16 18:47:21Nicolas Chalumeau v 1.10

indicate the xdocs location
2004-12-16 18:46:48Nicolas Chalumeau

maven.xml v 1.2

correct indentation : use 2 spaces no tab in xml files
2004-12-16 18:45:38Nicolas Chalumeau

doc/xdocs/navigation.xml v 1.2

add the sample apt doc in the menu
2004-12-16 18:23:36Nicolas Chalumeau

source/test/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.2

desactivate the test execution as the ant script didn't work
2004-12-16 18:13:40Nicolas Chalumeau v 1.9

doc/aptdocs/development.apt v 1.1

doc/aptdocs/doc_starting.apt v 1.1

doc/aptdocs/features.apt v 1.1

add some apt doc sample
2004-12-15 21:00:08Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.12

Removed a nasty debug log from the info-level output.
2004-12-15 20:57:38Edouard Mercier

setup/XRN-XRNWebSite.xml v 1.3

setup/releasenotes/Ant-ReleaseNotes.xml v 1.3

website/Guide-gettingStarted-schemaDetailed.xml v 1.3

Migrated to XRN V0.18.0 (the 'why' attribute has been renamed as 'reason').
2004-12-15 20:51:33Edouard Mercier

build-XRNExample.xml v 1.5

Added the missing 'initXRN' dependency on the 'performMigrationViaAnt' target.
2004-12-15 20:50:39Edouard Mercier

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl v 1.39

Takes into account the 'why'-into-'reason' change.
2004-12-15 20:49:07Edouard Mercier

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes.xsd v 1.26

Turned the 'Feature/@why' attribute into 'Feature/@reason'.
2004-12-15 20:49:29Edouard Mercier

doc/ReleaseNotesTemplate1.xml v 1.10

doc/ReleaseNotesTemplate2.xml v 1.6

doc/ReleaseNotesTemplate3.xml v 1.2

doc/XRN-Template-enhanced.xml v 1.2

setup/ReleaseNotes.xml v 1.37

Migrated to XRN V0.18.0.
2004-12-15 20:48:24Edouard Mercier

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes.css v 1.18

Renamed the 'why' selector into 'reason'.
2004-12-15 20:48:03Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.11

Added the XRN migration process to XRN V0.18.0.
2004-12-15 20:47:45Edouard Mercier

setup/XMLReleaseNotesConvertorV0.17.3-0.18.0.xsl v 1.1

A new XRN migration stylesheet for XRN V0.18.0.
2004-12-14 22:34:30Edouard Mercier

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl v 1.38

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTMLMultiple.xsl v 1.20

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTMLPlugin.xsl v 1.5

Fixed the 'releasenotes' span bug that violates the XHTML 1.0 standard.
2004-12-14 22:26:56Edouard Mercier

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl v 1.37

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTMLMultiple.xsl v 1.19

source/XML/XMLReleaseNotes2HTMLPlugin.xsl v 1.4

source/XML/XRN2HTMLPlugin.xsl v 1.3

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.10

The XHTML compliance to the "XHTML 1.0 Transitional" is closer.
2004-12-13 18:49:00Nicolas Chalumeau v 1.8

project.xml v 1.12

source/test/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.1

source/test/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.1

source/test/java/org/xrn/ant/test-xrn-build.xml v 1.1

enable the unit test execution of the ant task (thank to cactus source for this copy/paste) The test failed actully as the file location has change The test can be launch with maven with > maven test But a target can be add to use the junit task on them
2004-12-12 14:44:34Edouard Mercier

libs/xerces/xercesImpl-2.4.0.jar v 1.1

The Xerces implementation V2.4.0 library.
2004-12-12 14:43:52Edouard Mercier

libs/xalan/xalan-2.5.1.jar v 1.1

The Xalan V2.5.1 library.
2004-12-12 14:43:27Edouard Mercier

libs/saxon/saxon-6.5.2.jar v 1.1

The Saxon V6.5.2 library.
2004-12-12 14:38:00Edouard Mercier

source/maven-plugin/plugin.jelly v 1.5

Tried out to fix the XRN Maven plug-in, but did not succeed in...
2004-12-12 14:38:18Edouard Mercier

website/Development.xml v 1.1

The development section.
2004-12-12 14:29:31Edouard Mercier

project.xml v 1.11

Added the 'xalan' dependency.
2004-12-12 14:28:22Edouard Mercier

source/maven-plugin/project.xml v 1.5

Removed the 'xmlreleasenotes' URL.
2004-12-12 14:22:26Edouard Mercier

project.xml v 1.10

Made only present the reports that are relevant for the moment.
2004-12-12 14:16:38Edouard Mercier

source/java/org/xrn/ant/ v 1.9

Fixed the bug of the DTDLocation/ResourceLocation under Ant V1.6 runtime.
2004-12-12 14:13:13Edouard Mercier

build-XRNDevelop.xml v 1.11

build-XRNExample.xml v 1.4

build-XRNRelease.xml v 1.4

build-XRNWebSite.xml v 1.7

Now, uses the new 'initXRN' target as a dependency.
2004-12-12 14:12:15Edouard Mercier

doc/xdocs/introduction.xml v 1.1

doc/xdocs/navigation.xml v 1.1

The Maven generated site navigation and introduction.
2004-12-12 14:11:28Edouard Mercier

build-XRNCommon.xml v 1.14

Added the 'initXRN' target, that declares the 'XMLReleaseNotes' task.
2004-12-12 14:05:34Edouard Mercier

website/Portal.xml v 1.20

Added the Maven generated site. Removed the project logo.
2004-12-12 14:03:32Edouard Mercier v 1.7

Added the site properties.
2004-12-12 12:11:31Carsten Magen

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.3

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.3

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.4

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.3

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.4

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.3

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.2

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.3

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.4

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.4

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.4

source/java/org/xrn/gui/ v 1.4

Layout changed
2004-12-11 14:59:13Edouard Mercier

maven.xml v 1.1

The Maven customized part of the project.