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A propos de philosophie

Explaning the philosophy of a tool - a framework here - is usefull in order to better evaluate whether it meets your needs.

OK, the term is a bit snob for defining what we intend to explain. However, we will strive to provide guide lines in order to explain what XRN is about.



We all now that the computer sciences are not simple at all. And when it comes to the delivery process, the management process, in many places where source code is being developed, one does not always pay much attention to the way the releases of a component is to be properly handled.

We believe that, while using this XRN framework, this should make things clearer and articulate in mind. Why?

Because, the framework strives to propose an anatomy of a what a delivery process should look like. Because the framework imposes you to follow a given precise hierarchy where pieces of information should be provided, it compels you to take care to those pieces of information. Like:

  • the history of your delivery process,
  • the requirements, dependencies, composition of your component,
  • where the delivery packages are being stored,
  • the logical suite of feature modifications,
  • many other things that would make this chapter not that much philosophy-related if we had to enumerate them all.

For whom

On large projects (more that 15 persons) where the components are being developed, this is maybe not a issue, because you have architects here, there and everywhere. They know their job, they are very likely to be state of the art, fanciful folks that know everything as far as software engineering is about. OK, this is not the place where you should consider that this framework will be bring you some guide lines, otherwise it means that you need to train your whole team of IT people. However, I did not say that the framework was not worth for them! I just said that it won't teach them how to be structured, because people here know what they're talking about.

But in smaller projects where

Where does it live

It is very important to keep in mind that this framework assumes that you are not working in an ideal work, since we all know this is impossible. This assumption in mind, it tries to be realistic and fit to your environment where things are not that well formalized, and in that case, it is supposed to relief you from the pain of thinking on how to think (is that not the purpose of any framework ?). In cases when you are not sure about a right process to be settled so as to make your deliveries steadier, you might consider the framework.

This framework is not meant to be "the" solution and the model for the delivery process and all related stuff (which is not less, you know that), but it proposes an open solution that attempts to be normalized in order to be used anywhere.

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