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XRN Guide

This documentation is intended at providing an XRN getting-started guide.

It's time to explain what this XRN framework is about. XRN for ? For XMLReleaseNotes, which is at the beginning a release notes generator and management system. Is it really necessary that we should explain the interest of storing your components under the XML format?


Yes, this framework is XML centric, and this enables to enrich the information via the XSLT technology easily, and which enables thus to combine informations coming from heteregeneous systems. Like what?

From a Version Control System

Yes, this is one of the priorily targeted system, which should always contain valuable information about what has been done in the source code, which is... the source! "Should always contain valuable information"? If no one never uses this information, this is just a waste of time; which is often the case in internal developments. It is time to reveal this information when it comes to technical information. XRN will try to contribute showing these source code modifications.

From a bug tracking system

Many solutions already propose to manage the bug tracking via smart and advanced environments. Few of them make the link between the release notes and the declared, fixed bugs. XRN tries to address this.

From a need expression system

Too bad that fully-fledge environment cannot be published another way. XRN simple architecture, because it is just XML, enables to focus and integrate the description, reason, solution of new needs.

XRN does not try to replace all those tools, it just attempts to describe in a normalized way how to link all those pieces of information.

Getting started

We're pretty sure that you may like to evaluate the framework without having to enter long and tedious philosophical concerns. So, enter the "Getting Started section".


The navigation of this guide is very basic: click on the top banner tab in order to enter sections, if you want to discover what it is about...