build date: 2004.03.21
delivery date: 2004.03.21
Added the opportunity to use a CSS when transforming into HTML via the 'XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl'.

XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl: you can now define the lower and upper limits of the versions for which the HTML is generated.
detail: func

[from 0.0.alpha]XSD 1.0XSD is being use so as to restrict and standardize the release notes structure.
[from 0.0.alpha]XML 1.0All the tiny framework is expressed in XML, so this is of course required to build it.
[from 0.0.alpha]XSLT 1.1The obvious idea is that this framework enables to transforms the XML release notes in whatever text format, and HTML above all.


XMLReleaseNotesV0.2.5.zipThe delivery now contains the licenses and a default CSS stylesheet named 'stylesheet.css'.
Release notes generated by XMLReleaseNotes V0.17.0