Component XMLReleaseNotes

A framework that attempts to unify the way to write release notes. Also known as XRN.

Release Summary
0.17.02004.11.10This is a dirty release (not much detailed and missing source code documentation). Added the concept of tags and added the multiple page plugin feature.
0.16.02004.10.25The feature hierarchy concept has been introduced.
0.15.02004.10.25Some bugs have been fixed. Added new XSLT model plugins.
0.14.02004.10.21Miscellaneous features have been added.
0.13.02004.08.31A minor release with only the title header, footer new feature.
0.12.02004.08.29All the filtering has been replaced by a model XSLT. There are backward incompabilities.
0.11.02004.08.28Added the 'Feature' summary HTML page, which enables to review all the release notes features.
0.10.12004.08.16Minor enhancements.
0.10.02004.08.16This is a major release since multiple-components release notes can be now be generated properly.
0.9.02004.08.06New feature available: the download page generation. The CSS has been largely revisited.
0.8.02004.07.23A major release because it brings the release notes cross-references feature, as well as the XML release notes validation.
0.7.02004.05.16It is now possible to output several HTML pages for a component.
0.6.62004.05.09This is a minor release that mainly concerns HTML rendering.
0.6.52004.05.06An Ant V1.6+ related bug has been fixed.
0.6.42004.05.04Noticeable evolution concerning the HTML rendering. Some structural minor change. Work has begun as far as friendly-printing is concerned.
0.6.32004.05.01The previous release notes delivery was wrong because it pointed to V0.6.1.
0.6.22004.05.01XRN has improved as far as migration is concerned. The concept of visibility has been replaced by the concept of importance.
0.6.12004.04.21This release fixes bad previous designs, and proposes a first plugin for the integration of CVS change logs into the release notes.
0.6.02004.04.20This version adds the Ant 'mailing' feature, proposes to inline the CSS, so as to make possible stand-alone HTML release notes pages.
0.5.12004.04.15Some XSLT technical improvements and some functional additions is the HTML rendering.
0.5.02004.04.14Opened the framework so that it is possible some external information from the outer via the Ant task.
0.4.12004.04.13Better package of the delivery, introduction of the concept of version of the framework.
0.4.02004.04.12This is a technical release that makes the framework more integrable.
0.3.32004.04.07The website is more elaborated. Just changed a few key things within the XSD.
0.3.22004.04.01The idea is to provide a first basic Ant integration.
0.3.12004.03.31This is a very tiny incrementation compared to the previous release.
0.3.02004.03.30This is a version that can already be used as far as HTML transformation is concerned..
0.2.62004.03.26This is a version that presents a better HTML transformation.
0.2.52004.03.21Added the opportunity to use a CSS when transforming into HTML via the 'XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl'.
0.2.42004.03.21There is no new delivery, only the web site generation has changed and contains the internal AntDoc.
0.2.32004.03.21This is patch and the top-child 'Deliveries' XML element has been added so as to express the delivery root URL.
0.2.22004.03.21This is the very first downloable release.
0.2.02004.03.21This is still a very basic release, just made of two files: the XSD XMLReleaseNotes.xsd and an XML release notes example, XMLReleaseNotes.xml. It also includes the XSLT transformation XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl.
0.0.beta2004.03.18This is a bit more elaborate version, since new ideas have come to my mind, and this is the reason why I make a 'todo' release in order to express them. The principle is that the 'Release' XML element should be sorted from the latest to the oldest.
0.0.alpha2004.03.18This version is a first try to build a tiny XML release notes framework.