build date: 2004.03.30
delivery date: 2004.03.30
This is a version that can already be used as far as HTML transformation is concerned..

Added the concept of visibility for each item, so that it is possible to filter when rendering into HTML, for instance. It is adviced to use a value that ranges from 0 to 4, 4 meaning that the item is the most visible. This is now possible through the 'visibilityThreshold' XSLT parameter.
detail: func
Now, enables to tell whether the dependencies and requirements should be inherited from the previous versions. How does it work? For each 'Release' XML element...
detail: func
XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl: added the possibility to filter the type of items to be documented through the 'typeFilter' parameter. This enable to remove for instance the technical information into a functional release notes dedicated to end-users.
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[from 0.0.alpha]XSD 1.0XSD is being use so as to restrict and standardize the release notes structure.
[from 0.0.alpha]XML 1.0All the tiny framework is expressed in XML, so this is of course required to build it.
[from 0.0.alpha]XSLT 1.1The obvious idea is that this framework enables to transforms the XML release notes in whatever text format, and HTML above all.


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