build date: 2004.04.13
delivery date: 2004.04.13
Better package of the delivery, introduction of the concept of version of the framework.

Added a version attribute that enables to track the version of the framework used. This may be very useful as far as migration and converstions are concerned.
XSD: added the 'version' attribute indicates the version of the XMLReleaseNotes framework it complies to.
XSL: outputs this version in the bottom banner and outputs a warning if the XML release notes and the XSD are not the same version.
detail: tech
Fixed the bug of the delivery download hyperlink that was wrong.
detail: tech bug-fixing
XSL: enable to remove the default banner at the bottom via a 'banner' parameter. Don' disable it, otherwise the tool won't be known and there will be little support and enhancements.
detail: tech
Fixed the release which missed the release notes! How possible is it?
detail: tech bug-fixing

[from 0.0.alpha]XSD 1.0XSD is being use so as to restrict and standardize the release notes structure.
[from 0.0.alpha]XML 1.0All the tiny framework is expressed in XML, so this is of course required to build it.
[from 0.0.alpha]XSLT 1.1The obvious idea is that this framework enables to transforms the XML release notes in whatever text format, and HTML above all.

[from 0.3.2]Ant 1.4.1+Only if you want to use with Ant: the task has been tested from this version of Ant.
[from 0.3.2]XSLT You need to have an XSLT implementation library like Saxon or Xalan in your Ant 'lib' directory.

XMLReleaseNotes-0.4.1.zipFixed the content of the delivery. The naming convention of the delivery file name has changed and is now 'XMLReleaseNotes-M.m.p.zip' The sources ar now placed within the 'src' directory. A readme file has been added.
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