build date: 2004.05.06
delivery date: 2004.05.06
builder: EMercier
An Ant V1.6+ related bug has been fixed.

<URIResolver>  [0.5.1]
XMLCatalog bug with Ant V1.6+
The Ant API has changed between Ant V1.5 and Ant V1.6: there was a runtime bug because of that. This is now fixed via introspection.
detail: tech fix

[from 0.0.alpha]XSD 1.0XSD is being use so as to restrict and standardize the release notes structure.
[from 0.0.alpha]XML 1.0All the tiny framework is expressed in XML, so this is of course required to build it.
[from 0.0.alpha]XSLT 1.1The obvious idea is that this framework enables to transforms the XML release notes in whatever text format, and HTML above all.

[from 0.5.1]Ant 1.5.0+This version of Ant is required because we use the XMLCatalog class that only appeared from this version of Ant.
[from 0.3.2]XSLT You need to have an XSLT implementation library like Saxon or Xalan in your Ant 'lib' directory.

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