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delivery date: 2004.04.21

<mail>   [0.6.0]
Ant task mail re-engineering
It was definitively a bad idea to inline the mail task at the same XML hierarchy level as the XRN task's. The mail task is now an inner XML element, and the 'mail' parameter is discarded.
You can now provide a specific subject to the sent-mail via the 'subject' parameter of the inner 'mail' XML element.
detail: tech bug-fixing enhance
Versioning Control System
Enables a deeper integration with the VCS systems, so that it is possible to track down the source changes.
This enables to produce more accurate and exhaustive release notes, dedicated to the support of the component.
This opens the framework to the versioning system and enhance this information, that is too often restricted to developers, when they take the time to make views...
This is now possible for CVS via the 'plugin/CVSModel.xsl' XSLT model file: beta for the moment, because it lacks integration...
detail: func
Feature new type
Added the 'vsc' feature type so as to render this feature a different way via the XSLT: not yet taken into account.
detail: func enhance
The 'why' feature attribute
Added the 'why' attribute to the 'Feature' XML element, in order to better understand the reason for the feature. This enables to better understand the evolution of the component.
This enables to open the framework to existing solutions that deal with the needs collecting.
This attribute is not yet taken into account...
detail: func business

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