XMLReleaseNotes 0.6.0
build date: 2004.04.20
delivery date: 2004.04.20

<CSS>   [0.4.0]
Feature visibility
XSL: added CSS selector classes named 'featureVisibilityN' in order to give control to a feature visibility, where N ranges from 1 to 4.
detail: tech
CSS inlined
Ant: it is now possible to inline the CSS content within the generated HTML, so as to be make some HTML stand-alone. This is possible via the 'inlineCSS' parameter.
detail: tech
New dependency, composition, requirement
XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl: fixed the problem of the '[from M.m.µ]' display when [new] also appears (dependencies, requirements, composition).
detail: tech bug-fixing
<FeatureID>   [0.5.1]
Improvement of the Feature ID
A better HTML rendering of the feature inheritance and its identifier is now performed.
detail: tech
Ant: added the opportunity to mail the release notes directly from the task, since the task derives from the official Ant 'Mail' task.
detail: tech

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