XMLReleaseNotes 0.10.0
build date: 2004.08.16
builder: EMercier

XSLT implementation
Provided the ability for the user to define the XSLT implementation to be used.
This is possible via the task attribute 'processor', which should be set to the class fully qualified name that implements the 'javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory' interface.
detail: tech enhance
Now provides an XSLT model for integrating the maven POM.
This is possible via the 'MavenModel' model XSLT plugin: the POM short description is just taken and integrated into the release notes.
detail: func enhance
Multiple components
Added the opportunity to generate the release notes for more than one component at the same time.
The Ant task now supports the 'fileset' inner XML element.
Some navigation pages are now being generated when the feature is enabled.
The javadoc-like selectors have been added to the CSS.
Multiple HTML pages are being produced, a little bit like javadoc does, so as to split the different release (present the generated HTML generated by the XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl a bit like javadoc format, so as to output a single HTML page for each release).
detail: tech enhance
{AntTask}   [0.3.2]
XSLT model plugin
It is now possible to use the model XSLT present in the jar via the Ant 'plugin' attribute that can be used on the 'model' XML inner element.
Refer to it as you would via the 'xsl' attribute, but omit the '.xsl' extension.
detail: tech
<XSD>   [0.8.0], [0.6.6]
Component summary
A top-child XML element 'Summary' has been added so as to provide a way to briefly describe what the component is about.
detail: func enhance

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