XMLReleaseNotes 0.8.0
build date: 2004.07.23
delivery date: 2004.07.23
builder: EMercier

Now, provides an additional XSLT model that enables to generate a release notes between two versions, in a cumulative way.
Ant: the 'cumulative' attribute has been added in order to ask for a cumulative release notes.
detail: func enhance
<migration>   [0.6.4], [0.6.2], [0.4.1]
Implicit migration
An implicit migration before the rendering is performed on the release notes when required, without overwritting the file (done in memory only).
detail: tech enhance
It is now possible to check that the structure of the data entered in the XRN release notes XSML file are compliant with the framework.
It is now posible to check the XRN release notes XML file against its XSD schema (present in the jar).
This can be achieved via the Ant task by using the 'checkValidity' top parameter.
Now, an additional feature would be to actually analyze the XRN release notes file in order to check more deeply that the information is coherent.
detail: func enhance
<XSD>   [0.6.6]
Components release notes
Added an optional 'Components' top-child element, in order to be able to access the components (present via the dependencies, composition and requirements features) that already have an XRN XML release notes defined.
This enable release notes cross references.
This makes the framework more worth, and this becomes interesting.
XMLReleaseNotes2HTML.xsl: the XML to HTML renderer takes benefit of this feature by providing additional hyperlinks on the components references.
Now, an additional feature would be to inline those additional release notes into the generated HTML.
detail: func enhance
<XSLT>   [0.7.0], [0.5.0]
XSLT piping
The way the XSL transformations are applied is now more open: additional pre and post treatement is now easier.
detail: tech enhance

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