XMLReleaseNotes 0.6.4
build date: 2004.05.04
delivery date: 2004.05.04
builder: EMercier

<CSS>   [0.6.0], [0.4.0]
Printer friendly
CSS: work begun on a CSS that makes the printing friendly via the 'XMLReleaseNotesPrint.css' stylesheet.
The structure has changed a lot.
Still under beat and this probably massively the default CSS structure.
detail: tech enhance
<dependCompoRequi>   [0.6.0]
Composition, dependencies and requirements
XSL and Ant: added the 'composition', 'dependency' and 'requirement' parameters that enables to control whether those kind of information should be output or not.
detail: func enhance
HTML rendering
The version and delivery column have disappeared and have been integrated to each release, respectively at the top and at the bottom.
detail: tech enhance
<importance>   [0.6.2]
Visibility and Importance
Ant and XSLT: fixed the bug due to the fact that the 'visibility' feature has been changed.
Ant: the 'visibilityThreshold' parameter has been replaced by the 'importanceThreshold' parameter.
detail: func fix
<migration>   [0.6.2], [0.4.1]
BuildingBlock and Item
XSD: turned the 'BuildingBlock' XML element into 'Item' because this is simpler and more apropriate.
A migration XSLT has been provided in order to migrate existing XRN XML release notes.
detail: func enhance

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