XMLReleaseNotes 0.6.6
build date: 2004.05.09
delivery date: 2004.05.09
builder: EMercier

<CSS>   [0.6.4], [0.6.0], [0.4.0]
Printer friendly
The printer-friendly 'XMLReleaseNotesPrint.css' stylesheet has been significantly improved.
The default CSS has also been changed, in order to easier the customization.
detail: tech enhance
<HTML>   [0.6.4]
HTML feature detail rendering
Changed the way the feature details (type, why, bug-fixing, category) are layout, so that it is easier to make a printer-friendly CSS.
The 'category' attribute is now being diplayed.
detail: tech enhance
<VSC>   [0.6.1]
VSC XSLT-model
Fixed this plugin XSLT that was bugged due to the renaming of the 'BuildingBlock' element as 'Item'.
detail: tech bug-fixing fix
A 'category' attribute has been added the 'Feature' XML element, so as to provide a free additional indicator, that can be handled later on by the XSLT.
detail: func enhance

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