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Multiple asking persons and contributors
When the inner 'Contributors' and 'AskingPersons' XML element (in the 'Feature' XML element) were used, only the first actor was output in the HTML page.
detail: tech bug-fixing fix
Feature with no ID hyperlink
On the 'Feature' HTML page, add an hyperlink to the release where the anonymous feature has been defined.
detail: func bug-fixing fix
The version (via the 'firstVersion' and 'lastVersion' attributes), feature type (via the 'type' attribute) and importance (via the 'importanceThreshold') filtering has been removed from the Ant XRN task.
Those filters are now performed by the ''VersionAndTypeFilterModel' plugin-model XSLT, in order to make the XSLT code easier.
detail: tech enhance
<importance>   [0.9.0], [0.6.4], [0.6.2]
Importance default level
The importance default value is now considered to be set to 3, so that it makes sense: it was set to 4, so that all features are equaly very important by default.
The level 5 has been added, so as to make 3 in the middle of the range.
detail: tech enhance

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