XMLReleaseNotes 0.9.0
build date: 2004.08.06
delivery date: 2004.08.06
builder: EMercier

<CSS>   [0.6.6], [0.6.4], [0.6.0], [0.4.0]
Totally re-engineered the CSS, so that there are now only class selectors.
Began to annotate the selectors, so as to easier the customization.
detail: tech enhance
Download page
It is now possible to generate a single download page that enabes to overview all the deliveries, while removing the feature details.
This is possible via the Ant 'downloadPage' new feature.
detail: func enhance
<importance>   [0.6.4], [0.6.2]
Feature importance
Fixed the feature importance bug that was actually not taken into account during the XSLT.
detail: tech bug-fixing fix
Prepared the XSL so that icons may be included in the generated HTML page, so as to enhance the layout.
detail: tech enhance

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