XMLReleaseNotes 0.17.0
start date: 2004.10.30
build date: 2004.11.10
builder: EMercier

<actors>   [0.14.0]
Contributor and asking person
Fixed the remaining bug due to the XML name change.
This used to prevent the multiple contributors and asking persons from appearing in the generated feature HTML pages.
detail: tech fix
<AntDeploy>   [0.4.0]
Ant 'deploy'
The feature was bugged (the 'deploy' Ant XRN task parameter) because the 'XMLActors.xsd' extraction was incorrect.
detail: tech fix
<dependencyModel>   [0.15.0]
Fixed a bug that used to make the generated XML not compliant with the framework.
detail: tech fix
Plugin layout
Added the opportunity to extend the multiple page layout via some plugins.
This is possible via the 'pluginLayout' Ant task inner XML element.
detail: func enhance
Added a new optional 'Tags' elements as a child element of the 'Feature' XML element.
This makes the framework more extensible because XSLT model plugin can take benefit of this extra information.
This new tag should also be deployed at other levels, like the 'Release', 'Component', for instance.
detail: func enhance

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