XMLReleaseNotes 0.15.0
start date: 2004.10.24
build date: 2004.10.25
builder: EMercier

The new 'DependencyModel.xsl' new plugin enables to inline the release notes dependency-components of a component.
When a component has a new dependency (expressed via the 'Release/Dependencies/Component' XML element), this plugin inlines the depending-component by looking at its XRN release notes found via the corresponding 'ReleaseNotes/Components/Component/@xml' attribute.
This is the reason why it is important to express the XRN release notes of all depending components.
detail: func enhance
{AntTask}   [0.3.2]
<migration>   [0.8.0], [0.6.4], [0.6.2], [0.4.1]
Implicit migration
Added the 'implicitlyMigrate' parameter to the Ant task, so that it is possible to migrate the provided XRN files if necessary, without migrating the original.
No, when the Ant 'migrate' parameter is used, only the migration is performed.
detail: func enhance
contributor: EMercier
{plugin}   [0.10.0]
Section filter XSLT model
This new XSLT model 'SectionFilterModel' enables to filter the sections to keep when generating the release notes.
It enables to filter the 'Summary', 'Composition', 'Dependencies', 'Requirements' and 'Deliveries' XML 'Release'-child elements individually.
Usefull, for instance, when you want to generate an HTML download page.
detail: tech technical
<VSC>   [0.6.6], [0.6.1]
CVSModel XSLT model plugin
Fixed the deprecated 'Feature/Abstract' XML element use (which is now 'Feature/Title').
detail: tech fix
Actors XSD and migration
Added the 'XRNActors.xsd' schema in order to know how to fulfill the actors XML file.
Fixed the 0.13.0 to 0.14.0 migration stylesheet.
detail: tech fix
Release build date
The release build date has been added to the summary page when the multi-component feature is being used.
detail: func enhance

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