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start date: 2004.09.01
build date: 2004.10.21
builder: EMercier

The 'Actors.xsd' schema has been normalized and you can now use it in order to define all actors involved in the process.
Either you use the 'Actors' top-child XML element of 'ReleaseNotes', or you use the 'XRNActors' plugin model XSL in order to provide one.
The actors file should comply to the 'XRNActors.xsd' schema present in the package.
For every actor, when this plugin is used, you can directly write to him by clicking the hyperlink (via a 'mailto' HTML tag).
detail: func business
<feature>   [0.12.0]
Feature title
The 'Feature/Abstract' XML element has been renamed 'Title' because this is more adapted.
detail: tech fix
Release 'freshness' indicator
On each HTML release, the "freshness" of the release is now indicated by a color at the right of the version name.
detail: func enhance
<XSD>   [0.10.0], [0.8.0], [0.6.6]
XSD change
The inner 'Contributors' and 'AskingPersons' XML element now contain 'Actor' XML elements so as to simplify the XSD.
The 'Abstract' element has been renamed as 'Title'.
detail: tech enhance

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