XMLReleaseNotes 0.19.1
start date: 2005.06.24
build date: 2005.09.04
builder: EMercier

<actors>   [0.17.0], [0.14.0]
Contributors and actors
The XSD asking persons and contributors have been defined in a single location, so as to factorize the definition.
This also makes the XSD to Java mapping more straightforward.
detail: tech enhance
contributor: EMercier
<cumulative>   [0.13.0], [0.8.0]
CumulativeModel XSLT model
Fixed the plugin when the upper 'Releae' XML element does not have any 'Feature' XML element defined .
detail: tech fix
contributor: EMercier
<XRNActorsModel>   [0.19.0]
XRNActorsModel XSLT model
Added the 'checkActors' parameter, which enables to test whether the declared actors on the release notes are all present in the 'actorsFile' XML file.
The model issues messages whenever it detects a mismatching.
detail: tech enhance
contributor: EMercier

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