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build date: 2005.01.31
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Class loaders
Because of a misuse of the Java class loader, there were strange problem at runtime with the XSLT and the JAXB.
detail: tech fix
contributor: EMercier
Actors graph
A first XRN Java plug-in in proposed in early alpha version. Its implementation class is 'org.xrn.plugin.impl.Graph'.
It generates - via the Dot component - a graph per actor, that displays the relationship his relationships with all components (as a builder, asking person, contributor).
More explanation to come, since this is still experimental.
detail: func enhance
contributor: EMercier
Java plug-in
The Java plug-in feature is delivered as very alpha.
This feature enables to open the framework by proposing additional views on the pieces of information present in the release notes.
Plug-in should be asked by end-users, developed by developers and used when running the Ant XRN task and set the parameters that enable to use the plug-in.
On that purpose, the inner 'javaPlugin' XML element has been added to the XRN task. This is a derivation from the Ant built-in 'Path' core element. Moreveover, its mandatory 'classFQN' attribute enables to indicate the Fully Qualified Name of the class that implements a plug-in.
detail: func enhance
contributor: EMercier
<XSD>   [0.18.0], [0.14.0], [0.10.0], [0.8.0], [0.6.6]
XSD 'Item' element
The 'Feature/Item' XML element count can now be null, provided you provide at least a 'Title' sibling element.
This enables to define features, just by their title, which should be used with wisdom.
detail: func business
contributor: EMercier

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